Digify Review – Key Attributes of Digify

Digify is definitely an easy to use peer to peer and management software. The technology has user-friendly security levels and allows users to regulate who can look at their documents. In addition, it provides options for customization and customer registre. While the product does not offer all the features and features of additional document sharing applications, it lets you do meet many needs. Listed below find more information are some of the key attributes of Digify.

Digify is available free of charge as well as a paid option. Both free and paid versions offer customizable features and can be used for personal or business purposes. In addition, it offers a free trial option therefore there’s no need to pay anything if you’re not sure about the product. Regardless of the schedule you choose, you will need to compare Digify with related goods to ascertain if it’s a good fit in for your provider.

Digify has got powerful features for businesses. For example , it supports dozens of applications with a simple API. It also provides an easy-to-use mobile app. Digify also offers a comprehensive white-labeling program that allows facilitators to customise their product using their own brand and domain name. Additionally , the software also supports email attachment keeping track of.

Digify offers HIPAA-compliant doc security. It also comprises features just like digital legal rights management (DRM), access control, and backup permissions. In addition , Digify has a file index that allows users to reorder files in a data area. Users may also add multiple documents to a solitary data room and invite multiple users to view that.

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